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Kinabuti unveiled “Bicycle Thieves” collection at Arise Fashion week 2012

Kinabuti unveiled her sophomore collection, “Bicycle Thieves”, at the recently concluded Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012, in Lagos. This second collection from the fashion label was a big hit as it’s dramatic, bold, and ambitious with subtle freshness pieces wowed the crowd. Sourcing her inspiration from the forties, the years of the Second World War and of the after-war as told through the Italian neorealist cinema and movies like Vittorio De Sica’s "Bicycle Thieves" and Roberto Pasolini’s "Rome Open City" depicting the hardship and tension experienced but also the courage of hope for a better tomorrow. 
Designer and creative Director, Caterina Bortolussi, said, “this year, not only have we evolved as a brand, which is evident in the draping and fluidity of the pieces, we set out to create beautiful dresses”  
 The show, which opened up with video footage from the movie “Bicycle Thieves”, had for its run time Italian music from the forties and early fifties. It had a smooth cohesive organic flow of each piece telling a story from the intricate fusion of frilly lace, to rigid jackets in Vlisco African prints and velvet silk in nude colours, a unique blend of styles and textures, each design was created with a philosophy of classy, elegance, and extravagant, with varying silhouettes such as the flowing and delicate cuts for dresses, trousers to the edgy rigid lines of the coats to high-waisted garments, each piece encapsulating the very essence of femininity.
The label had 3 of its Kinabuti models showcase its new collection amongst others.
The Kinabuti woman is the personification of sophistication, femininity, which is the inspiration for each of her collections. Her style and designs inspire and liberate, as women across generations can express their own individuality and flair through her clothes as no two -piece are ever the same.

The Kinabuti label, which only just recently marked its one-year of operation, has grown remarkably in structure, production and finesse. It has proven to be consistent in its edgy eclectic designs with the use of high quality fabrics and has been featured in various African and international media ranging from FabAfriq Magazine, Wow, and just recently CNN.com. if you are looking for something different, then this collection is obviously for you.

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