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Legendary Johnny Hallyday Dies after Battling with Cancer

Jean-Philippe Smet AKA Johnny Hallyday, has finally kicked the bucket. After a long battle with lung cancer, the French rock superstar left on the night of Tuesday 5th December to Wednesday 6th December 2017. Last spring after going through a series of examination, it was confirmed that he was suffering from respiratory failure with alarming signs of deterioration. It was with great disappointment that his family learned all hope was lost, the rock legend had only a few days to live.

"Johnny Hallyday is gone," said his wife Laeticia Hallyday in a statement to Agence France-Presse (AFP). A great legend of the French song, Johnny Hallyday had become a living myth in France. His music has conquered a very large audience who appreciated as much his personality and his sensitivity. His career is phenomenal, he has recorded more than a thousand titles, composed a hundred songs and sold 110 million records all in 57 years of music career.

Johnny’s success has been thrilling in France. With 2,813 concerts, he has also been present in neighbouring countries like Belgium and Switzerland with 161 concerts in each country, and 93 in the Swiss Confederation. The rest of his "international" career is much more modest. In this list, which includes 28 concerts in Africa (three or two concerts in Cameroon, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Senegal, etc.), there are 35 concerts in Canada and 24 in the United States.
We would have love to have him for one more concert, listening one more time to his splendid and unique voice, but fate will have decided otherwise. Rest in Peace l'artiste! 


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