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Lisette Mibo, on what African Models need to do in order to succeed

Model Lisette Mibo discovered her passion for modeling at the age of 16….after realizing that her natural poses transform into the modeling world by her enthused personality and richness of posture. This element made her realized that she belongs on the catwalk, fashion shoots, branding and styling exhibition just to name a few.
She takes directions and instructions easily as well as constructive criticism. Lisette has a natural bubbly personality that makes people feel at ease. She speaks three languages fluently: English, French and Lingala.
Model Lisette Mibo decided to go back to modeling 4 months after giving birth to her daughter in January 2011 and she has achieved so much in less then a year and her highlights has been with magazine features, fashion shows/fashion weeks and as a result Lisette Mibo was nominated “best female model” by BEFFTA Award 2011. 

Lisette Mibo entered the competition Top Model Of Color UK 2011 in order to gain more experience and exposure, and honestly speaking, we need more Models of colour, to give the perfect blend in the modeling industry. FabAfriq Magazine had a date with lisette and this is what we found out

What is your driving force?
My passion for modelling motivates me in everything I do. I respect any opportunity I am given in life and I take my job seriously. No matter how small or short a job might be, I consider it Important and dedicate all my energy to make it perfect. It does not matter whether it is for a Newspaper or TV, direct feature or through a client. To be a successful model, hard work and commitment is very important, as well as exposures on the catwalk, shows and shoots. Naturally, I love and enjoy modelling, and the reason is simply because it is a moment when I feel fulfilled and gain personal satisfaction. In addition to this I would like to represent my community, especially my daughter. I want to inspire people, and to let them know that if I did it, they too can do it. It does not matter what you are doing, all you need is the drive to do it. 

What do you wish African models do more?
African models are all working hard and becoming successful is everyone’s dream. Thus it is very important that African models support each other and encourage each other’s successes. For instance at the beginning of my career as a model, I was very naïve and didn’t expect the modelling industry to be so cruel and discouraging. When someone is at the level of being recognised as a successful model because of the hard work they put in their job, they start getting cold shoulders and horrible criticisms instead of encouragement or constructive criticism.  This is so sad, and can easily de-motivate models who are not strong enough. I believe encouraging one another is very important because it can open doors of opportunities and future jobs references. Positive competition is good because it does not only make you work harder but it makes you recognise those who work hard as well. 

Which magazines have you worked with, and which ones would you like to work with in the future?
I have worked with couple of magazines including established and upcoming ones. I also have some unpublished features/interviews coming up and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them reading this interview. Magazines are good sources of publicity and exposure and I have got a fair share of publicity from them.  I would like to work with all of them again if given the opportunity, whether through direct feature/interview or through a client including you FabAfriq magazine lol.  

What opportunities are available in the western world for models?

There are so many opportunities in terms of all the advanced resources available for models; it is up to the individual person to make use of the opportunity given to them and transform it into something major using their own understanding and talents.   

Which African models do you think are good examples?

There are many African supermodels who are working hard around the world and to name a few I can start with Alek Wek who is originally from Sudan but leaved in Britain until when she was discovered by models 1 in 1995. She has been so successful and on the covers of so many magazines, walked on the catwalks for major fashion designers in the industry.  Further, another African super model that I look up to for inspiration is the Nigerian born super model Oluchi Onweagba who won the face of Africa contest at the age of 16 years and has had so many successful years as a model afterwards. She also launched her modelling agency in South Africa and named it (O Model Africa), I very much appreciate it when models use their success to do more with it including helping setting up charity works and/or lunching fashion labels, creating modelling agencies etc.  
Which models would you like to work with?
I would love to work with all of the successful models because I can learn so much from them but to narrow it down, I would love to work with Noella Musunka (Coursaris) who is a model and activists. She is originally from Congo but currently lives in the UK. she’s very passionate with her “Georges Mailaka foundation” where she helps under privileged children to attain good education etc. I would love to be part of this project and also help out with all I can offer.
It was lovely talking to you lisette, we hope we have the opportunity to interview you and we hope you rock our runway when we have our next show. All the best in the upcoming competition, we’ll love to catch a few words with you after TMC (Top Model Of Colour UK 2011 competition)

Thanks for the opportunity to be featured in FabAfriq magazine and let’s do it again!

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