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Lolita’s Cupcakes

Africans are pretty gifted when it comes to innovation. A simple idea can quite easily be turned into a whole new trend. A typical example is Lolita’s cupcakes! I remember when I first saw them. The idea of mixing fashion with food impressed me so much, I have never been able to forget them. I admire the two beautiful sisters, who had and followed a dream to redefine the art of cupcake making. The sisters share their vision and pictures of their beautiful creations.

Once Upon a Time

In a little town far away, 2 girls dreamed of mastering and redefining the art of cake making and decorating. In 2010, this dream slowly turned to reality with the birth of Lolita’s cupcakes.

Fronted by sisters, Angel Sylvester and Cynthia Anduhtabe, Lolita’s Cupcakes is slowly gaining a reputation as a company which manages to combine both glamour and artistic innovation as they create exquisite edibles.

Driven by their creative passion, this venture was borne of the desire to express their creativity as well as explore the role of glamour in the cake decorating world.

A Dream Come True

“Our inspiration is diverse. The hustle and bustle of everyday life, colour, fashion, glamour, photography and our African Heritage.

Our standard and dairy free (without eggs) cupcakes are homemade with the finest and freshest ingredients on the market and we offer a bespoke service that is suitable for all occasions and taste buds.”

Want something a little different? Let Lolita’s cupcakes treat you!


Lolita’s cupcakes are made with delicious and vibrantly coloured butter cream icing that tastes as sumptuous and delicate as it looks. “We take pride in the fact that they stand out and spend our time ensuring every detail is perfect!” Whatever the occasion, Lolita’s exquisitely decorated cupcakes can add a little glamour, colour and excitement to your event or gathering. Showing some love to special ones? A book signing? Fashion launch? Wedding? Whatever it is, have your Lolita’s cupcake and eat it too!

To find out more about Lolita’s cupcake, please send an email to lolitasventures@gmail.com or call 07834 321 373 .

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