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"London Na Wa” Premieres July 26 2013

FabAfriq loves innovation, and when  LondoNollywood director Nelson Spyk  invented the famous London Na Wa Project, we were quick to jump to the idea.

Nelson Spyk brought together some of the best young creative talent in the UK to entertain and inspire. These young talents were given a simple mission, which was to create the most interesting Nollywood comedy and guess what was the outcome? “LONDON NA WA”


London Na Wa is about the relationship of three main characters, and the extent to which they will go to protect their relationship. You'd see relationship experiences from“church based” solutions to voodoo. It is also laced with innovative comedy and this no doubt is set to be a game changer in Nollywood movies and comedies.


LondoNollywood is dedicated to investing in young UK talent in the Nollywood industry. This is because Nollywood is expanding rapidly in the diaspora. If we start building our artist now, they are destined to be very influential in leading the Nollywood industry in Europe and the accompanying financial rewards, says Nelson Spyk.

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