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Keeping a Healthy Long Distance Relationship

1)Have a Goal In Mind

Before you think of doing  anything to help your relationship,first of all, set your goals that is what you want from this relationship? 'marriage or just a relationship?' how long will you  be apart?.These goals will help you prepare your mind about the future. It is important that you both agree and share the same goals so that even if you not together in the same geographical location you are both working in the same direction aiming to achieve similar objectives for the future

2)Set Rules That Can Manage Your Goals.
You both need to know your partners strength and flaws so you could make some rules that will suit the both of you.make it clear what can be done during this relationship and what is not allowed for example'is either of you allowed to date  a different person while the other is away ?',and every pertinent things that needs to be addressed in the relationship.it is better everything is addressed in a mature by making your partner know the kind of things that do not please them because  minor mistakes can cost you your relationship.
communication is one of the greatest weapon to keep a relationship healthy and alive.if your partner is doing something that does not please you then you let it out.its not healthy for you to hold grudges or get angry over a mistake your partner made maybe without knowing it will hurt you. Don't always think that your partner knows or can read your mind because they are human beings too and bound to make mistakes like others. 
4)Stay Connected
social media has made interaction easier for people. apart form our cell phones, people now use different platforms on internet to stay connected.choose a suitable platform through which you two will stay connected as often as possible.one partner should not be one calling or writing all the times, there should be a mutual communication in order to keep the relationship going.try as much as possible to talk to each other at least twice a day.

5)Try Doing Things Together 

play an online game together,try doing the same things like watching the same Tele novellas,TV shows and share your reactions and opinions this will make you feel closer to each other

6)Visit Partner When Possible

if your budget and time permits try to visit your partner as often as possible in order to catch up on missed moments.this will do you both some good as a three days visit could keep the other partner holding on for another year or more.

7)Keep Your Sexual  Life Alive.

Sex IS A very crucial aspect in a relationship that if not well taken care of could cost the partners their relationship.for a distant couple to be able to stand the test of time,they are advised to to talk dirty once in a while or as long as they choose.They could even share sexy pictures in order to keep the fire burning.

While some people have crossed their hearts to distance relationships, does of you who still believe in it should be able to do your best to achieve what you want.Do not think that because one long distance relationship you knew of did not work then yours too will not.'Everything is What You Make it To Be'.

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