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LWC Organises Fund Raising at Lynk Cave Bonapriso for Wildlife Protection & Sensitisation

FabAfriq Magazine caught up with the Limbe Wildlife Centre at their Soirée event which was organised in partnership with LYNK CAVE Bonapriso. This event brought together a diverse and multi-cultural group of people (which is exactly our kind of crowd) for a common goal in creating awareness towards wildlife species and their protection. An elegant blend of the beautiful scenery of the Lynk Gardens, with a touch of artistic and wooden furniture on display and for sale met with beautiful paintings and portraits of these beautiful wildlife species for décor.

“We want Cameroon to understand the reality in the loss of biodiversity, to understand the importance of wildlife species and how rare they are becoming because they are not safe from poaching. We still have a small window, but not for very long if we don’t act now”. These are the words of Peggy Motsch, Assistant Manager for Limbe Wildlife Centre, Pandrillus Foundation.

 The Limbe wildlife centre under the Pandrillus Foundation has been existing in Cameroon for over 25years as a collaborative effort between the Government of Cameroon represented by the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife (MINFOF) and the Pandrillus Foundation, a conservation NGO. The Limbe Wildlife Centre plays an active role in local conservation efforts, by providing a solution of where to place animals seized by law enforcement agencies, thereby supporting national wildlife protection laws.

Currently, they care for 14 species of primates such as the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee (Pantroglodytes ellioti), the Western Lowland (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) and Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli), the Drill Monkey (Mandrillus leucophaeus), several species of guenons and mangabeys, including the locally endemic Preuss’s Monkey (Allochrocebus preussi), and various species of small mammals, reptiles, and birds.
In order to continue rescuing and caring for orphaned wildlife, providing them with a safe home and a family of their own kind, they rely on the support of individuals, businesses, and organisations.

They recently launched a Campaign to shine a light on several species in Cameroon which have disappeared by placing over 10 billboards of such species like the Cheetah. Speaking to FabAfriq Magazine, Peggy Motsch also mentioned we can still save species like Elephants around the Mt.Cameroon from disappearing beginning with the South-west Region. The Campaign was being brought over to Douala through this event to help this charity raise funds through donations, sales of paintings & accessories and hopefully to solicit companies donations as a part of their corporate social responsibility. Among their programs, the LWC has an education program through which more than 1000 children in different schools are being taught about their environment on subjects like volcanoes, plastic solutions etc. The LWC has also been in partnership with the Limbe Community for over 13 years whereby the community provides foodstuff for these species to enable them to diet better at a reduced cost. This program has over 123 members so far and has generated over 30 million FCFA in revenue.
Still speaking to our team, Peggy was very grateful for Lynk who put together this event under the sponsorship of Jagermeister. For donations and for further inquiry, please contact the Limbe Wildlife Centre via their website http://limbewildlife.org/; or on Facebook: @limbewildlifecentre
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LimbeWildlife:
Youtube: Limbe Wildlife Centre



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