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Travel Tips: Maximize Your Budget To Enjoy An Idyllic African Adventure












Do you dream of exploring the delightful sights that Africa has to offer? You’re not alone as a recent Travelzoo survey has revealed that the continent is the location of choice for Chinese tourists, which is great news as they are reportedly the world’s highest tourism spenders. To maximize your adventures in Africa and to ensure you have a trip of a lifetime, you’re going to need to carefully plan your finances, so how can you utilize your cash to fund your getaway?


Up your funds

Whether you’ve decided for sure that exploring Africa is for you or if you’re still pondering the choice, put all your savings and spare cash into a high-interest savings account as this will help to boost your funds when the time comes to book your trip. If your trip isn’t planned for a while, consider locking your cash in an account which fines you for making withdrawals as this is a good deterrent from dipping into your savings. These types of accounts typically pay higher interest rates and after a set period of time, you’ll be allowed to withdraw your money penalty-free so that you can book the getaway of your dreams to Africa with some surplus cash in your pocket too.


Borrowing options 

The average cost of traveling around Africa varies, depending on what you plan to do and how flexible your budget is. BookAllSafaris states that an African safari can cost anywhere between $47 US dollars a night to $2400 a night, so the good news is there is something available for everyone. When it comes to funding your trip to Africa, you may wish to consider taking out a loan, especially if you’re thinking about exploring the continent in the not too distant future. A loan will provide you with immediate access to funds, meaning you haven’t got to wait around while you save up the cash. Alternatively, you could borrow some cash from a friend or family member. The great thing about borrowing from loved ones is that many won’t charge you interest and the terms of repayment will be more flexible.


Don’t forget your visa

In the excitement of planning your getaway to Africa, it’s easy to forget about one of the most important documents of all. If you’re a foreign national you’ll likely need a visa to enter any one of Africa’s 54 countries. Thankfully, the cost of a visa isn’t too excessive, although they do vary in price from country to country and cost from $20 upwards. In some cases, you’ll need to apply for your visa before heading to Africa, whereas visas for entry into some countries can be simply obtained when you enter the country. Therefore, to avoid being hit with an unexpected cost when you arrive at your destination, be sure to research the price before leaving home.

Africa is packed full of stunning and cultural countries to visit during your trip, so to make the most of your time away, you need to finance your trip with precision. Up your travel funds by putting your cash in high-interest savings account before the time comes to pay for your trip and consider borrowing from lenders or friends and family to ensure you book a getaway you’ll never forget. And, remember to factor in the cost of visas into your budget as these can soon hijack your funds if you’re thinking of exploring more than one country during your time away. Mama Africa awaits! 


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