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Melanmag.com - Launching A New Online Lifestyle Magazine For Women of Colour

As Black History Month got into full swing, there could be no better time to launch an intelligent new online lifestyle magazine to claim its place in what is already a crammed market place of women’s titles. What makes this one any different? Melanmag.com was created to supply ‘real and authentic’ content for the millennial woman of colour, and makes no apologies for putting her ‘first’, always.

But that’s as far as the controversy goes, the magazine, which takes its name from the word ‘melanin’: a pigment in skin and hair that gives it its colour, leaves it up to its readers to decide for themselves, if they fit the profile.
Founder and Editor-In-chief of Melanmag.com, Joy Joses, a communications veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, said: “As a woman of colour myself, I have carried the frustration of looking through main stream women’s publications and not really recognising myself either in the models used or the content. In recent years you do see snippets of diversity, but not enough. I will make no apologies for creating a platform for women of colour to access news, information and thought-provoking features on celebrity role models and inspiring personalities, fashion, health and beauty, travel and lifestyle, all from the woman of colour’s point of view, culture and experience.”

Melanmag.com, which will target affluent ABC1 women in the 30-50 age bracket, is run by a small team that is committed to creating stimulating content that appeals to a wide range of interests and serves readers’ appetite for engaging and relevant content.
In recent years, the UK women’s magazine market (online and print) is becoming more buoyant, but it is still a long way off from the more than 200 titles that the US boasts at any one time. Melanmag.com has found a niche market and we are going after our readers. Joy said: “I was recently told, ‘Black women have already got Pride Magazine, (a popular British magazine for women of colour), why do you need any more?’ I asked him if the publishers behind Cosmo, Glamour, Instyle and the dozens of other main stream women’s titles had pondered that question, before deciding to go ahead anyway and launch their magazines. My view is simple, the more titles that we have servicing the women of colour, the better. There’s more than enough room for all of us.”
Keen to establish a loyal following among its target readers, Melanmag.com is working with top beauty and fashion brands to offer regular competition prizes. Subscribe to melanmag.com for free, and never miss anything.


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