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FIFA Give's Lionel Messi a 4 Match Ban for swearing at Referee

The 5 times world player of the year, Lionel Messi has been given a four match ban for the next world cup championship starting with Tuesday’s qualifier in Bolivia.

FIFA reports that Messi threw insulting words at an assistant referee during the last Argentina-Chile qualifier match which qualified Argentina for the next world cup championship.

This is a great handicap to the Argentinean team as one of its best players “Lionel Messi” will only play in one of its remaining five World Cup qualifiers. His next match is only going to be that of Argentina and Ecuador on Oct. 10 2017.
“This decision is in line with the FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s previous rulings in similar cases,” FIFA said.
This is a great warning to all players especially the super talented ones as not just their teams count on them but their entire nation and fans.



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