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Biopharma launches first edition of beauty contest "MISS BIOPHARMA".

Biopharma Laboratories, a factory dealing with the production and fabrication of cosmetics has launched the first edition of a beauty contest called “Miss Biopharma " with the slogan "beauty that captivates ".

The contest was opened to young Cameroonian women since 15th October 2014. Registration of candidates was done on the company’s Facebook account or through the website: www . Laboratores-biopharma.com. Requirements to be selected as a potential candidate were : to be of Cameroonian nationality, athlethic, aged 18, 1,70m height and waist line between 36 and 38.

Twelves semifinalists were selected last month in Yaounde at “Bois St Anastasie”. These young women carried out activities at PROMOTE 2014, where participants at the event could vote and appreciate their performance. The finals were held in Yaounde on 13 December 2014 at the "Palais des Congrès". It was also possible to vote for your favorite miss on the facebook fan page of Biopharma, www.facebook.com/labobio.


At the end of the contest, three contestants were selected. Tinanga Jessy Keyliane, 18 years was crowned  Miss Biopharma 2014, followed by Nandou Nelly, the first runner-up and Bebissemeye Brenda, the second runner-up. This first edition prooved to be a success as a first experience. Biopharma Laboratories do not only promote and sell products for the beauty of the skin, but it also encourages female youngsters in their endeavour to become powerful ladies.  We await next year's edition!


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