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Miss Bronze UK Scholarship Pageant

Miss Bronze UK scholarship pageant has been initiated with the basis of advancing the cause for women of African and Caribbean descent. It is a community venture, uniting and involving  women from other parts of the world and friends of African and Caribbean women in celebrating their cultural heritage. It is also an opportunity to create awareness, empowerment and grooming a new generation of AFRICAN and Caribbean women leaders and ambassadors to impact their communities in UK and abroad.The Bronze UK National Scholarship Pageant program has enormous emphasis of Empowerment, Health, Modesty, Self-esteem, Education, Poise and Cultural appreciation. In a nut shell, it is a self-development opening for black women from all over United Kingdom.
The specification of origin and colour is not to alienate those of non-Africa or Caribbean ancestry but a means to solve identified issues which are of enormous impact in the black community. We are out to bridge that wide gap in Health, social, educational and economy disparity compared to the white counterpart.
The Bronze UK National Scholarship Pageant celebrates Empowerment and strong committed black women in UK.


Through supporting today's role models, we are strengthening tomorrow's collective community and generation. As a sponsor, you will contribute to an anticipated future by facilitating one individual to be educated, developed and refine personal attributes such as self-esteem, public speaking ability, and confidence that will be an asset to her all the way through her life. An official pre-launch is a great way to start the campaign and promote the concept.

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