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Miss West Africa Beauty Pageant

Miss West Africa Beauty Pageant is an annual international event with contestants from Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Niger, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Cape Verde, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Togo, and Guinea. It’s a pageant where West African models showcase the rich cultural values of their respective countries.

The Miss West Africa Beauty Pageant is a pageant that has become phenomenal in the world since its inscription in 2008 till date. This event which is purely unique and can be ranked among the best pageants around the world has truly delivered in its might, style, elegance and womanhood within the states in the past years.

The pageant starts from the local level where each country organizes a pageant to get the best representative from their country to contest in the International rounds with the queens from the other countries. FabAfriq Magazine would be publishing a snapshot, of the winners from around Africa, and the rest of the world. Stay in touch, for an amazing classification of beauty and courage in its natural form.

Country: Cameroon
Name of Winner:Bodianga Bodi Nsang Dilong
Age: 21 years old 
Occupation: Student and Model at VineYard Modeling Agency Buea Cameroon

Brief word from Bodianga Bodi 

“I auditioned for the contest without any serious thoughts. I was selected during the second round in Yaounde, where I faced so many pretty and talented girls. I have a very strong winning spirit, so I did not give up even after I saw the number of pretty and talented women contesting for the same role. Although I was nervous because it was my first time, I used the opportunity to learn as much as I could. The process was new to me and I had to collaborate with 14 other girls selected at this stage. We were lodged at the Seme beach hotel for a week where we were trained, mentored and groomed for the final selection. I will never forget this experience, it was a tough time, but every minute was worth it.

August the  14th was one of the toughest days of my life. I gave my mission statement, and explained why I wanted to represent my country. It was not an easy task because each of the other girls had a great platform which contributed to the success of the day. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner!

I will like to thank Penjo Entertainment and Seme Beach Hotel for working so hard to deliver this project, it is not an easy project to manage and to deal with people you don’t know, but I guess the professionalism of the team, made it successful.”

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