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MIZIZI International In Collaboration with Disney Release Lion King Baseball Jerseys


    MIZIZI International has released a LION KING Baseball Jersey in collaboration with Disney and in light of the 25th anniversary of the historic movie. This design was created by Kenneth William Obeng (@kwesioben), creatively directed by Temi Thomas (@temithomas_) and captured by photographer Paa Kwesi Yanful (@kwesithethird). MIZIZI International represents the Lion King generation that’s all grown- up and now caters for the next generation of viewers with the introduction of our kid sizes.

    The Lion King marked many of our childhoods. Much before we were aware of our identities, it resonated with us. From the opening score chanting loudly in Swahili to Simba is introducing us to “Hakuna Matata,” reminding us to be carefree before we had a care in the world; The Lion King was a subtle reminder of our childhood roots. On its 25th anniversary remake, We are proud and honored to announce that those roots can now be worn with our official partnership between MIZIZI International and Disney’s The Lion King.


                                                                     THE DESIGN

    The Lion King jersey is here just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie and premiere of its live action remake. Don’t wait till the jersey is out of stock. Shop now to get this jersey, exclusive to MIZIZI International!#MIZIZIxLIONKING #StayRooted



      THE JERSEY : The jersey displays a subtle tribal pattern print with both brands across the front. A Rafiki silhouette is drawn across the bottom, wrapping around the jersey. A royal band is shown on the left sleeve and on the back is the brand name with the year 1994 written below to commemorate Lion King’s release year.This jersey is 100% polyester fabric with full sublimation printing giving you the comfiest experience. MIZIZI empowers Afrocentrism through African roots regardless of origin or African Heritage.The Lion King jersey is here just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie and premiere of its live action remake. 

    Don’t wait till the jersey is out of stock. Shop now to get this jersey, exclusive to MIZIZI International!
    #MIZIZIxLIONKING #StayRooted




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