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Very Chic: MK Kids Interiors Designs Room For 3 Year Old Cancer Survivor

Kaitlyns finished room

Fewer than 100 children in the UK are diagnosed each year with neuroblastoma. Most children who get this cancer are younger than five years old. Neuroblastoma is the second most common solid tumour in childhood, and it makes up 8% of the total number of children’s cancers. -Macmillan

MK Kids Interiors has always been driven by the ethos of empowering children from all backgrounds, enhancing their decision making and seeing them enjoy the spaces that they themselves help to design with the company.  The story of Kaitlyn has made this ethos even more powerful and poignant.
Little Kaitlyn was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2014; a form of cancer that affects specialised nerve cells. 3 year old Kaitlyn had been limping for a while for no apparent reason. Her parents regularly took her to a GP who insisted that nothing was wrong with Kaitlyn as she appeared to be active and normal. Kaitlyn’s father gives an account on her health.

On the 18/11/2014 her mother recognised that Kaitlyn was not moving her arms and her eyes seem unfocused, Kaitlyn was rushed into emergency surgery as the MRI scan revealed that the cancerous lump in her in head was bleeding and affecting her brain function. The surgeons told her that she may not make it and her heart may stop because this was going to be a major surgery and for a little baby she may not come out of it. However six hours after, Kaitlyn was up and telling the doctors and nurses that they should not touch her and that she was hungry”.

Kaitlyn made it through surgery and is getting stronger each and every day. Kaitlyn’s mum contacted MK Kids Interiors and asked Medina to do something nice to Kaitlyn’s room.  Deeply moved by Kaitlyn’s story MK Kids Interiors waived any fees and designed the room as a gift through the use of donations to her family. Over £1000 was raised to cover the cost of the re-design, £200 of which was donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.  

MK Kids Interiors is an interior design service with a heart, it is a design service with a purpose.

 MK Kids interiors also offers tailor made services for children with Autism; a condition that Medina feels deserves more attention and support.
Medina Sam is the Creative director of MK Kids Interiors, and a graduate of the renowned University of Arts London where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interior Design.
MK Kids Interiors designs nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms for little children (0 years+). If the child is 4+, MK Kids Interiors and the child will create an art masterpiece that will form the focal point of their space. This is done to develop children’s creative skills, build their confidence and their decision making skills.
At just 26 years of age, Medina Sam is now running MK Kids Interiors which she launched in 2012 with the help of The Princes Trust. With the help of The Trust’s mentorship program, MK Kids Interiors has been going from strength to strength in a field that quite often lacks diversity. But as a young black woman in business, Medina is determined to make a difference by showing that neither race nor gender should hold anyone back from following their dreams. 




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