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Modern Makeup Looks you Must Try!

Cat eyes are everyone's favorite. While girls love wearing the look, guys love watching them on their girlfriends! The makeup trends have taken the toll by unleashing the power of luminosity and attractiveness. While the contemporary cat eyes suggested the traditional smoky eyeshades and super winged eyeliner, well, it's time to step up a notch and see the most popular cat eye looks and other makeup techniques of this era. Most importantly, try them out!

If you are as curious as the beauty bloggers, simply scroll below:
The Soft Colored Cat Eyes
Ditch the simple black cat eye makeup look and check out this awesome shade of maroon instead. While the eyeliner is not winged, the whole game is about blending the eyeshade above and below the eyes for a soft look. The lips are painted nude so that the eyes stay striking. The second feature includes the eyeshade application being longer than the brows.
If you feel you will smudge the other eyes, simply use the tape-on method.

The Sun kissed Illumination
You love the all over glowing look! Don’t you?
Check out this popular makeup style which can be worn both at daytime and at night. The trick is to use the highlighter everywhere! I mean literally.
Apply your favorite glossy eyeshade (gold or bronze) and simply top it off with your highlighter by applying and blending it with a small brush. Match your cheeks with the same shimmery poise. Outline your eyes with a black pencil and smudge it slightly. Go for a plain lip gloss instead of a colored lipstick for the perfect style.

Bubble it up!
Kick out the basic eyeliner tricks and try out this new bubbly effect! This eyeliner style is unique and new. Pair it with your favorite glossy eyeshades and false lashes. Observe the pictures and try it at home effortlessly. Maybe you could go for a V shape or a zigzag effect too!

Eagle Eyes
Are you familiar with Cat eyes? Now meet the new eagle eyes! While the cat eyes outline the whole eyes and the winged eyeliner is shaped like that of a cat's, the eagle eyes resemble the widespread eagle wings. Simply apply an eye primer on the top lids and instead of painting the upper lids black, apply the gel eyeliner below. This look makes the eyes look big and gorgeous.

The Trio Liner!
Simple and attractive! What do you say? This look may seem ordinary to you, but place a closer eye and notice the third eyeliner strike right above the crease. If you have small eyes and you want to make them look noticeable, apply your gel eyeliner above the lids and below the lids in a horizontal V shape.
The next step might be hard to practice in the beginning but you will get a hang of it!
Open your eyes, focus in the mirror and wherever your eyes crease, create a thin striking line. Line your inner eyes with a white pencil and brush on some mascara!

Make your friends jealous with your new look this year, forget the old fashioned basic makeup tutorials and indulge in something upbeat and to-the-minute! Try any look at home and mesmerize your husband or boyfriend!


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