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Ethiopian Airlines Sponsors Mount Cameroon Race of Hope 2014

Ethiopian Airlines sponsors Guinness Mt Cameroon Race of Hope, one of the most prestigious event in the world. Guinness Cameroon, has resumed its role as the organizers of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope this 2014. speaking earlier in November 2013 in a press conference, the Marketing Brand Director of Guinness Francis Mbongue focused on the premiums to be earned by the different race winners. Both the male and the female first winners got a cool check of 10 million CFA. Other categories included Full Race or Senior Class (38 km), or Race Hall Junior Category (19 km) and Quarter race or veteran’s class (5km) each of these winners (men and women) will also receive 10 million francs CFA. In addition to 10 million, the “second” in each category received 5 million each, and the “third” 2 million each. With an increase in cash prizes, the Race of Hope will hopefully take a different turn and will hopefully attract more overseas runners.  Although Athletes came from Eritrea, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Japan, Canada, UK, and USA among others, there is always an opening for more
With almost 600 athletes who took part in the race, the first 2 to get to the summit were Kenyans, who unfortunately did not even make it amongst the first 20 winners. 
Here are some of the  winners. 
-30 years old Eric Mbacha received 10million francs CFA for being the first of the race making it his second time with his first being in 2011. Eric Mbatcha covered the distance in 4h26mn which beat his 2011 record 4h: 29mins of 2011. He was followed by Godlove Gabsibiun and Frederick Wirngo
The female category Lizette Ngalim as the winner, closely followed by five times winner, Yvonne Ngwanya and Carine Tata, who is only 16 years old! 
Thirteen-year-old Cindy Munang victors at third position at the Junior Race in the female category of  
Queen of the Mountain’ Sarah Etonde who over the years was able to win three times in a row thereby making her the ‘queen’ got awarded a home by the organizing committee. Etonge announced her retirement from the Mount Cameroon Race at the closing ceremony of the 19th edition of the Race, after emerging 5th in the female category. She would now like to take care of her grand children and also mentor others where necessary.

In her own words,
“I am the only woman who is still running among my friends with whom we started taking part in the Guinness Mount Cameroon Race of Hope. Others have long retired and some have even died. I thank God for giving me the strength up to this time to continue running even with my children,” 
She continues, “I wanted Guinness to graduate me because I started running the mountain race under the sponsorship of Guinness, so I am very happy that, today, I have been graduated by Guinness,” 
She thanked her fans,  the Cameroon Athletics Federation, the Ministry of Sport and Physical Education, Guinness Cameroon and all the stakeholders who have supported her throughout her glittering career. She was also awarded a house Buea behind the Omissport  Stadium for her accomplishments in The Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

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