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Eto is older than 32! Says Mourihno

Mourinho was caught in conversation with the boss of Swiss watch-makers Hublot, explaining that Chelsea did not have anyone to score goals.This was a private conversation recorded. The recording, aired on Monday by French television station Canal Plus , shows Mourinho commenting on the Blues' lack of depth upfront.
 According to Mourinho, this was very unprofessional, unethical and the broadcasters should be ashamed of this. He said it was a private joke with someone who is not from the Football world and that everyone has the right to have a chat with a close friend. Is this a blow to Torres? 
"The problem with Chelsea is I lack a striker," he said. "I have Eto'o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?"

He also joked that Samuel Eto’o was probably older than 32 and hinted that an ideal solution may be to sign Radamel Falcao because the Colombian deserved a bigger audience than he had at Monaco. In the past, Mourihno has been known to be an outspoken manager, but is doubting your player's age a way to hint that you might need a fresher, newer, team player?  His responds to this was that he trust that is Eto's real age, and that there is no issue between both of them. He also said Eto'o has no reasons to be upset because he had in the past said that " Mourihno is the only manager in the world I  will never play for" but that this is not the case now. According to Mourihno, there is no story between them and the age comment was a joke. The remark about Eto'o is understood to be a reference to the supposed doubt about the true age of some African players.

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