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Myra’s Uniq Sophomore Album is Available to Pre-order!

Afro-soul music artist Myra is set to release her long anticipated sophomore album UNIQ in a few weeks’ time. An album which packs inspirational and upbeat songs in one space, complimented by Myra’s easy, sultry voice and various musical instruments.

Myra creates a melodic and rhythmic “ear-gasmic” scene which takes over the listener from the beginning to the end revealing a variety of musical influences in every song and verse and capturing a unique (UNIQ) mix that truly defines the artist, Myra.
“I named the album UNIQ because I feel that it is a unique blend of my music influences. It is different from my last album in that it features more of my Cameroonian cultural heritage while still maintaining my R & B influences.” States Myra.

Cameroonian-born Myra Maimoh grew up in a big, Christian family in Bamenda, North West Region with her mother being her greatest musical influence.
Influenced by her mother’s discs of Skeeter Davies, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, African blues and throughout the spectrum from country music, traditional African music to jazz and pop, Myra started singing and dancing, while still in preschool at the age of 3. She wrote her first set of songs and stories at the age of 13 and since then Myra’s music journey has grown from strength to strength.
Pre-order your copy of the UNIQ album NOW for $6.99 and instantly receive a song from the album.
For more information, contact:
Facebook: Myra Maimoh World
Instagram: @myramaimoh
Twitter: @myramaimoh
Website: www.myramaimoh.com
Email: managermyramusic@gmail.com


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