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New Talk Show on STV Cameroon, Miss P Show by Pamela Happi

Miss P is the brand name of presenter and talk show host Pamela Happi, brainchild behind the project.

Inspired by her passion for intertainment, Miss P as she is fondly called by friends and loved ones, decided to carve out a niche for her society by conceiving this project. The idea was received and bought over by Orange Cameroun as major and top sponsor.

The innovation about the project is that it combines a skilful display of Brand and communication skills in its planning and execution. Billboards in the cities of Douala, Yaoundé, Bamenda, Buea, Limbe and Kumba, digital and online presence (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube), offline presence with flyers and a teaser to announce the broadcast of the show on television.

The Miss P show is a well-thought out dream and ambition by Pam Happi to produce a dynamic talkshow concept that will appeal to a wide audience and veer-off conspicuously from the status quo.

The show will handle segments such as health, fashion, music, entertainment, celebrity information (news on stars). Miss P says "we  are not confined to a set of rules. We will adapt to the needs of our audience but our DNA is providing info and entertainment to people of our (my) generation". A convenient space, a home feeling environment, gentle, all smooth and trendy to welcome guests and participants in the show.

This show will also focus on young people in this generation and how they become life starters and how they can serve as role models and game changers in their community.  Hey, that's too much information already. Take the rendezvous, April 3rd STV, 8:30pm….Until then it's Miss P and it's simply deep!

The show is to start on April 3rd 2015 and will be broadcasted on Fridays at 8:30 pm and Sundays 7:30 pm. You know what is left to do....stay tunned! 

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