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New York Street Style : Music and Fashion In Harlem

Harlem is buzzing these days, from east to west there is energy and excitement and the style is electric. There are tons of free outdoor events in NYC during the summer and The Sunday Sermon outdoor House music party is one of such events. It's an event that brings out many of the residents in Harlem including some of our fashion friends residing in Harlem and those visiting for MBFW.  This particular weekend those in attendance grooved to the sounds of Djs Tommy Bones and MKL. Many expressions of style came together at Morningside Park during this event. We spotted the fabulous Alek Wek who stopped dancing long enough for us to snap an image of her lovely smile, we also got a look at the easy comfortable style of Project Runway winner Ayan Ayoung Chee. Dj Chibale Sres Feaster was out repping his own event that asks  "Are you Afro?"  Here's a look at some of the style we caught in Harlem.

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