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Nightfall - Tombee De La Nuit by Nkanya Nwai

Nightfall tells the story of Inspector Ngalle Robert, a police inspector with a damaged esteem emanating from a family hidden crime and conspiracy. Newly transferred to Buea from Douala, he barely has time to settle in before he is plunged into a world of atrocious crimes. He discovers almost immediately that his new boss, owner of Emimi hotel where he takes up guard, is not the angel he appears to be. Before long, he is caught between doing his job as an officer of the law, or turning a blind eye and leading a peaceful life.
Inspector Ngalle gets entangled in a crazy web of murder, cover-ups and crafty schemes, culminating in the death of his wife and unborn child. Nightfall is one man’s battle against crime and guilt.



Vision of the Project

Nkanya Kwai, Producer and scriptwriter of the movie, in his quest to produce an identifiable contemporary Cameroon cinema, went against the norms to create this experimental piece of art that brings both cinema cultures – Francophone and Anglophone actors to share a movie set, share a story while maintaining the cultural and linguistic identities in the movie.
Pick any Cameroonian anywhere in the planet and have him see Nightfall, he will not need to be told that the movie is Cameroonian:
• French will be logically spotted in its purest and natural form (Spoken by Francophones)
• Those who would speak the French are inherently and visibly Francophone actors as we know them in Cameroon

That is the pride of the team who created the movie.

However, that is not all… The creative team behind the movie thought that after creating such a blend, they needed to maximize visibility and international market value.  Nollywood seasoned actor Clem Ohameze, definitely garnishing the production with his wealth of talent was brought in. That makes Nightfall not just a national blend project but a collaboration project with Nollywood.


The main characters:

Epule Jeffrey Kome: plays the principal character, inspector Ngalle Robert.

Clem Ohameze: A Nigerian actor from the East of the country, plays the antagonist, Emimi Samuel.

Ottia Vitalis: Pa Ottia as he is popularly called, plays the Character Mayor Mouambo.

Roger Brice SOBGO: Plays the character of a Police superintendent Nganou Jean Didier.
Carine Tchewong : Plays the Character “Officier de Police" Ingrid Essomba.

Nightfall - Tombée de la Nuit is promising to be a great movie. We all await the premier and the launching. You know what will be left to do after these. Grab your copy or why not copies....!!!

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