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Nkiacha Atemnkeng Wins Ethiopian Airlines’ Prize for Most Consistent Blogger

The young and dynamic Cameroonian writer and blogger Nkiacha Atemnkeng, an affiliate of FabAfriq’s Camer Bloggers’ Hangout, has been recognized by Ethiopian Airlines for his consistency in publishing the most blog posts about the airline. The writerphillic blogger will be receiving a flight ticket from Ethiopian Airline to any destination within the beautiful African continent.

The stage for this award was set during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Ethiopian Airlines – which range among the top ten best airlines in Africa – last April. The airline had sponsored an edition of the Camer Bloggers’ Hangout which brings together bloggers and also business executives, to encourage them on the use of digital technology and the social media to advertise their products and services.
Nkiacha rightly maximized the instrumentality of his blog and social media presence, to reveal to his public the activities of the aviation company and its partner - Asky; its offers and accomplishments. His consistency could definitely not go unnoticed.

Nkiacha Atemnkeng is a Cameroonian fiction writer and owner of “Writerphillic” – nkiachaatemnkeng.blogspot.com. Nkiacha’s literary work is recognized way beyond the borders of Cameroon. His short story “Football without a ball” was shortlisted for the 2013 Mardibooks short story competition in London; his children’s story “The Golden Baobab Tree”, earned him the position of finalist in October 2013 at the Africa Book Club, and was published on africabookclub.com
Nkiacha is a 2015 Caine Prize writers workshop alumni in Ghana. His short story “Wahala Lizard” was retained to feature in the Lusaka Punk and Other Stories 2015. He holds a Curriculum Studies and Biology degree, and works as a Swissport customer service agent at the Douala International Airport in Cameroon.
About Camer Bloggers Hangout
The Camer Bloggers Hangout is an initiative of Fab Afriq Magazine. It is an activity carried out with Cameroonian bloggers in view of promoting corporate communication via social media.
The very first edition of the Camer Bloggers hangout took place in June of 2014. The event aims at bringing together both bloggers and business executives, to foster contemporary and efficient ways to advertise the products and services of companies and SMEs via digital technology and social media.
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