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No More Excuses!

Any busy mum would tell you. Time for that weight busting exercise at the gym, pool or the great outdoors is a luxury few can afford. There is so much going on in your life after the arrival of a new baby. You have to adapt to your new self, get to know your baby, cope with nappy changes and feeds and keep your baby and partner happy while going through the hormonal changes.
Added to that is the dissatisfaction with your post baby body, often accompanied by a burning urge to lose the baby fat and enjoy the familiar comfort of your favourite jeans.

It is not surprising then, that many women put off exercising after having a baby. The good news is it is possible to lose weight in the comfort of your home or while running errands. There are plenty of exercises that you can do to get back your pre-baby body.

Getting into shape can be achieved with these simple and effective weight loss techniques.

Starting Off
: You will need to get a good set of scales and you‘re ready. Start of by weighing yourself so you are able to keep track of your progress.

Set a goal:
Any weight management expert will tell you how important it is to set a target. By giving you something to work towards, you keep yourself psychologically involved and motivated. However it is important that your set target comes from you! Remember, targets should be realistic to increase the chances of you achieving them. You can always move the bar higher once each target is achieved. Start with dropping a dress size or getting back into your good old jean. Once you achieve that, you can set a new goal.

Get a good pair of walking shoes
: Walking is one of many great ways to kick start any exercise programme. To ensure you get the most from your body while protecting it, get fitted for a good pair of walking shoes. Then get walking! Small changes can make a whole lot of difference and you can create opportunities; park a little further from the shops, take your baby out for a stroll when you can and take the stairs where possible. A 30 minute exercise regime at least 3 times a week will work wonders. Your energy levels will go up, helping you cope with all the challenges that motherhood brings.

Eating for milk:
Forget the old myth! Some breast feeding mums still believe it is important to “eat for two. In actual fact, a breastfeeding mother only needs an extra 500 calories on average every day. You need to eat and drink enough for your body to run all its normal functions as well as make milk. But before you start piling on the calories, talk to your doctor about how many more you should consume every day. The recommendations will vary from woman to woman, based on weight, height, age, and activity level. Simple tips anyone can follow, include eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and calcium-rich food. Breast feeding also helps some women lose weight as well as encouraging your uterus to get back to normal, helping you back into that favourite pair of jeans.

Something fun for mum and baby and you can do this as soon as your midwife gives you the go ahead. There are some great DVDs and TV channels which offer Mum and Baby Yoga courses. This is a great way to help you lose weight while helping you bond with your new baby. As well as trying something new together, it can help settle babies and to improve sleep pattern. The movements and massage can help your baby feel relaxed, aid digestion and provide relief from problems like colic.

Work and Lift:
The internet can prove a reliable resource when looking for support. A lot of community centres run group sessions for New Mum’s. If you do not have these facilities locally, think of simple exercise you can do. Vacuuming, cooking, and ironing can also help you to get rid of that baby fat. If you have the cash, invest in some weights. Try 15 to 20 minutes of weight lifting each day. Ankle and wrist weights worn while doing errands are an unobtrusive but good way of toning arms and legs.

Dance yourself thin:
A dance workout is a great way of giving your body a total aerobic workout. It improves stability and flexibility by strengthening core muscles, helping your body back into shape. It doesn’t matter how bad you may think you are. Not only do you burn calories, the endorphins released generally keeps you in high spirits with great psychological benefits.

Stretching and Flexing:
These can be done at anytime or anywhere. Consider every second as an opportunity. While watching TV, cooking, ironing or just chatting, put your body to work by doing some stomach crunches, arm swings, leg and abdominal stretches, pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises, neck rolls and many more. Remember, everything adds up. If you are lucky enough to have some help with the baby, use the opportunity for outdoor exercise. Activities like jogging or running, swimming, running, biking, zumba, climbing and riding are fantastic for working out your core muscles which in turn strengthen your structure and boost weight loss.
Have fun losing weight.

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