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Valerie Ayena and Nsang Dilong Support The "Nso Gives Back "Charity Event in Kumba

 About Nso Gives Back 

David Nso is a model and wellness coach based in New York City. He has nearly a decade experience training people to change their body and lifestyle. He then created the Nso Xperience. David Nso is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) –certified fitness trainer and health coach. Nso Gives Back took place on Thursday 23rd of July 2015 in the premises of the Kumba District Hospital. The turnout was amazing.

Nso Gives Back is an initiative created under the umbrella of Nso Xperience. Nso Gives Back in partnership with the District Hospital of Kumba organised free eye exams, that will also go ahead to detect other diseases like HBP and diabetes.

The locals got free corrective glasses, eye drops and also benefited from paid eye surgeries especially for people suffering from cataract. Educative talks on eye care and prevention of eye infections was also given to the locals.
David Nso was raised by his grandparents and his granddad who just passed away had eye problems over the years. And this inspired the birth of Nso Gives Back. Like its said ,charity begins at home, David Nso born in Kumba had to come back home and give back a little something to the community that moulded him to the man he now is.
Website: nsoxperience.com
Facebook: nsoxperience LLC
Twitter: @nsoxperience
Instagram: @nsoxperience
Email: david@nsoxperience.com

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