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Dinner with Barack and Michelle

Everyone has a policy or principle when it comes to raising their kids. Some parents find it hard to understand why another parent allow their kids to go to bed after 9pm, why they let their kids have anything they want, or why they even let their kids eat chocolate. Seeing President Obama and Michelle share their tips on raising kids is very inspirational. They are normal parents and also face the challenges we face as parents. 

Dinning with other parents, and giving them the opportunity to share their parenting tips is a good idea because it gives an insight into some of the things that we might miss as parents. There is no such thing as super mum or dad, every parent is liable to make one or two mistakes but the most challenging thing is to identify the mistake and correct it. We have shared some  parenting tips we found on 1001ways of raising kids, and we have also shared a video of "Dinner with Barack and Michelle" for you to get inspired. The video does not only focuses on the Obamas, but gives us the opportunity to listen to how other parents deal with the challenges of raising kids. We hope you find this useful and add more knowledge to your parenting skills!

-My best secret for raising kids is consistent discipline. Discipline does not necessarily have to be physical. Children learn in many different ways. A time out, or losing privileges may work just fine. If a parent is consistent a child will learn what is expected from him or her.

-My best tip for raising a self-reliant kid is to let them do things all by themselves. Even if it takes 10 times as long and doesn’t turn out perfect. They will be happy to know they can do it all on their own without asking for help.

-My greatest secret to raising a child/kids is to simply be their parent and not their friend. A mother must stand their ground and place rules, becoming strict yet fair when need to be.

-Let them cry. Children cry for a number of reasons. They are sad, angry, hurt, want atention, etc. The need to be able understand their feelings so even if your in a public place and they start to cry don’t panic. Comfort them if need but let them cry.

-Please and Thank You. In our society today, good manners seem to be lacking across the board because people have seemed to have forgotten two very easy words “Please” and “Thank You”. By teaching your child to say these little words no matter how small the gesture, they will learn a small little lesson that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

-The best trick I learned to discipline my kids was using a simple time-out. When a child is put alone in the corner, and forced to watch the other kids playing but is not able to participate themselves, they become very discouraged, and are forced to think about what they did to get into that situation. I had better luck with time out than I did with spankings, etc. Also positive reinforcement is good for children, because they eventually crave that positive attention, and negative attention affects them more.


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