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Odion Iraoya's "Rock inspired" featured at the Luxor Africal Film Festival

If what made someone a billionaire was the amount of time he/she spent during the day working hard, l am sure African women would be the richest women and people in the whole world. Rock inspired, a movie directed by Famous Odion Iraoya in Jos (Nigeria), depicts the hardship of African women’s daily life. They give everything, all their strength to earn a living, not even for themselves, but for their families. Every day, they embark on a journey without knowing if they are going to reach their destination. In this movie, the hero is a woman who has to break stones to earn a living. Despite all the dangers she is exposed to, she keeps going on probably because there is no choice. At the end of the day, despite all the body pains and injuries she sustained during the day, she has to put food on the table. The protagonist is definitely mind-blowing and awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately, such hardship is typical of what African women endure on a daily basis. Sometimes very old, they keep on fighting for the wellbeing of their families. In their soul, they carry the burden of their children who, unable to secure a job and integrate themselves in the society, still rely on their mothers for assistance. Some of the questions l asked myself while watching this movie were: who is taking care of these old ladies who gave everything to support their families? Who is going to provide them with the medical assistance they need when they are no more able to break stones? I was really sad, and this might be your case, when I realise how, sometimes, we are so quick to forget that whatever we are today, we owe it to the endless fight of our mothers.
What keep them going on? Where are they taking the strength and determination to wake up every morning and face the rocks? We should all think about it and give them back the care and respect they deserve. African women, real master symbols!


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