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Olympics-From London To Rio

In a staggering rejuvenation, special lanes were made in the city of London to welcome the Olympic flame. And through the games, many names rose to fame as others maintained their fame. After creating excitements and enchantments on the streets, the flame was speed-boated on the Thames on its way to the Stratford stadium to kick-start the ceremonies of the games. 

From Adlington, Bolt, Kiprotich to Pendleton and the list continues...were ordinary and extraordinary athletes who all competed and exuded determination and ambitions. Some cried with a tear of delight, while some cried with that of despair. Yet there was a satisfaction for being part of the games as the Olympic spirit prevailed.
Many were those who doubted the city’s capacity to withstand the pressure and the capability of its public transport structure and infrastructure – thus switching camps from doubters to believers and then believers back to doubters. But the enthusiasm, the generosity of spirit and the overwhelming patriotic endorphins felt across the nation fortunately overshadowed the pessimism and finally prevailed. 
 From Mr. Bond, The Beatles to Mr. Bean, Britain showcased its history, culture and style in an amazing opening ceremony to the delight of billions across the world. The people known worldwide for being phlegmatic amidst their sense of humour, turned jubilant and eccentric as the flame ran past and brightened up the streets across the nation.        
Crowds and fans were carried away by some extraordinary memories, which they took back to their homes and to their respective nations, near and far. Some spectators like some athletes couldn’t hide their emotions as tears of delight and frustration that ran down their cheeks...while some failed to impress, others became heroes and heroines, the likes of Phelps or Farah.
There wasn’t any better spice to spice up the closing ceremony than that of the Spice Girls – who spiced up and clocked up the closing ceremony on the top of their Colourful Cabs. Behind the success of the games also, were thousands of men and women who gave their time and labour for free. And it does feel great to say some big cheers to all the volunteers.
Well done London and see you in Rio...Long may the Olympic spirit reign!

“The Olympic movement was one great idea...The perfect physical development of a new humanity, the spreading all over the world of the spirit of sport, which is the spirit of truest chivalry, and the drawing together of all nations of the earth in the bonds of peace and mutual amity.”   Rev. Robert de Courcy Laffan. 1908, London.

Images from Ben Bin Meh, member of The Royal Photographic Society 

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