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One Diverse Fashion: Bringing back the classic preppy look from the 1980's.

When I logged on  www.odfclothing.com, I was perplexed by the range  and quality of products they produce. If you have never thought of owning a Polo top or V-Neck jumper, then now is the time to re-think.  I also noticed that ODF has a fantastic selection of quality embroidered and printed items such as hats, bags and many more. 

ODF Clothing was created in 2007, originally named "Ow' Du Feel clothing", to later be re-branded as "One Diverse Fashion". The aim of our clothing brand is to merge contemporary fashion with the classic preppy look from the 1980's.
Our slogan "Standing in to Stand Out" captures the spirit of ODF, where one focus' not only on the style of others, but their own personal appearance. The clothing line has become so attractive due to our simplicity and positive approach to fashion.
From the Polo tops to the V-neck jumpers, we have shown our capability to cater to both males and females, and in doing so, we have assisted in achieving an international buzz.

The idea and inspiration behind ODF, was to link both the music and fashion industry, which has been achieved successfully by being featured in the fashion show, "Rip the Runway". Over the past 4 years, ODF has appeared in 30 independent fashion shows, for example "Roots of Fashion" and have worked with a range of charities and foundations.
ODF Clothing has matured in becoming not only a fashion brand, but a way of life. ODF clothing will be launching on ASOS and is also available in the Urban Junction store in Croydon.

To be a proud owner of one of their phenomenal designs, please visit
Twitter: @odfclothinguk

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