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“OPERATION: CORONA COACTION- Tackling COVID-19 In A Resource-Depressed Setting”

In a Covid-19 era, we should always fight to balance the act between compliance with health guidelines, managing the economic and educational sectors, navigating cultural, political and religious influences. This is especially true in an environment where there is a lack of capacity and infrastructural in a low-income setting.

This exciting and engaging virtual discussion is hosted by Afrique Today TV in partnership with The Michael & Mauritia Foundation. An A list of amazing speakers includes Samuel Dongmo, PHD, ABMG, Biomedical and Clinical Researcher Expert, Director of Personalized Medicine and Cancer Diagnostics at LabCorp USA ( COVID-19 tests), founder and CEO of SMART Cameroon SARL, Africa Genomix Lab and President of High Council of Cameroonians in the Diaspora and Former Chair and Current Trustee of Patcha Foundation.

-Esther Dina Bell Mbassi, MD, Medical Oncologist, Palliative Care Expert Founder of Volunteers for Palliative Care Cameroon (VOPACA) and Lecturer at the University of Douala.

-Sonia Lumafor, BSc, Program Officer for Africa Patcha Foundation

-Amta Pierre, MD, Chief of Surgery Tokombere District Hospital Public Health Consultant and Advocate

-Ndiabamoh Crespo’o , MD, MSc, DTM&H, Infectious Disease & Global Health Specialist, Doctor of General Medicine Degree of the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon, Master Degree at Nagasaki University, Japan and Postgraduate in Clinical Trials Design and Management of Johns Hopkins University.

-Chief Ngwano Ajamfa, M.A in African Literature of University of Yaounde I, Vice Principal and Professor of English Language and Literature at Horizon Bilingual Educational Complex (HOBEC), Douala

-Nicole Fouda Mbarga, MD MSc PH, Assistant Medical Coordinator at MSF, Liaison Officer and Epidemiologist for COVID-19 MSF, Founder and President of Women in Global Health Cameroon and Afyabora and YALI fellow.

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