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Ovamba Has A New Look With A Revamped Website

Ovamba's new website is now live! The site features all of our solutions for commercial and retail banks, central banks, Islamic finance, small and medium sized businesses, investors, and other financial institutions.

Visit our website at www.ovamba.com and contact us to schedule a demo of any of our solutions.

A special 'thank you' to the design team, Germaine & Arlene who worked so hard to bring the company's new look to life.


Dissecting the Issue: A Virtual Sandbox Event

The concept of a “sandbox” has become a common tool in the technology community. Innovators have used modeling, scenario development, incubators, and controlled spaces to test their ideas. Over the last few weeks, Ovamba Solutions, Inc. and Dedalus Global. have replicated this concept by hosting a competition for African start ups and young businesses to share their journey and articulate the challenges to innovation and growth. The Winner of this “Virtual Sandbox Competition” will be the case study on a webinar on July 16th at 9:30am EST that will feature stakeholders from the region. We will examine how stakeholders perceive these businesses and make the decisions that force pivots, strategy changes and sometimes abandonment of ventures. The virtual event will also serve as a platform for stakeholders to explain the concepts behind their initiatives and processes.

Click here to register for the webinar :













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