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Ovamba Launches New Website


Ovamba is pleased to announce that its website has been redesigned with more functionality, new look and feel. As a FinTech company, it believes in giving investors and clients a more robust online platform to help them have a better customer services experience.
The completely redesigned website www.ovamba.com offers users easier navigation, easier access to clients’ application forms and other important features. The website is rich in content, easy to use and has a great layout for  users to understand where to get relevant information.


Another additional feature is the option to read information in either French or English. This will make it easier for both French and English speaking clients to access information in their preferred language. Some other features worth checking are
-New layout which enhances the look and feel
-Enhanced and responsive design to facilitate browsing via any mobile or portable devices
-Quick links to Ovamba's mobile applications and other forms
-Video option to share Ovamba's activities around the world and get your feedback
Now that Ovamba has a fully functional website, here is the right time for you to click on www.ovamba.com to find out what It has for you.
For more information about Ovamba, please contact the PRO at
Email: adeline.sede@fabafriq.com 


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