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Ovamba to discuss P2P Lending Technology at Homestrings Investors Series Webinars

Homestrings.com is an award-winning investment platform that offers investment opportunities from both emerging and frontier markets. In order to make a difference in the world, Homestrings facilitates Diaspora and impact-investing. On this note, one of West Africa’s leading financial innovators, Ovamba Solutions, will participate in the first instalment of 2016 for Homestrings Investor Series Webinars on February 11th, 2016.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are critical for the economic and social development of nations in Africa. However, a lack of access to financing has hindered the growth and scale of SMEs in the region. In more developed nations, SMEs are major contributors to the GDP and play a critical role in the nation’s employment.Ovamba was formed to address these issues and provide access to affordable credit to the African SME sector.

The Homestrings-Ovamba SME Lending Fund provides an opportunity for Diaspora and global investors to invest in short-term syndicated financial transactions to low risk SMEs. In addition to enabling SMEs to employ and develop the local workforce, Ovamba focuses on identifying and encouraging the financing of creditworthy businesses with low carbon footprints.SMEs play an integral role in economic development, yet despite profitability and the ability to put up collateral for transactions, the majority of Africa’s small and medium sized businesses (~80%) have limited or no access to credit – severely limiting their ability to grow.

Founded by Marvin Cole and Viola Llewellyn, Ovamba created an integrated ecosystem of technical solutions, financing and services to solve Africa’s business funding challenges. Ovamba Solution’s addresses the needs of SMEs by facilitating access to finance through a marketplace lending (p2p) model that allows retail and institutional lenders to bid on / acquire up to 50% of transactions made by regulated African SME lenders – all with full individual transaction level transparency.
Join the Ovamba founder, Marvin, Viola and Roger Sheahan (Ovamba Solutions Board Member) in a LIVE webinar to discuss Ovamba Solutions and how you can be a part of their growth. To learn more about the Ovamba model and how you can invest in the Homestrings-Ovamba SME Lending Fund, register for the webinar on:


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