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P-Brodaz presents The Official Launch Of "Do It Your Way" Album

Originally from Cameroon, P-BRODAZ (Party brothers), is an American based urban music duo.The two brothers, Dexzy and Flexy grew up in Cameroon and moved to the USA where they are now living their childhood dream of entertaining the world with real music.Their love for good music gave them the inspiration to write music about real life issues such as love, fight, social networks, fashion, struggles, hustles etc.

Their hit Single "Do it your Way" was an immediate success and got more than 100,000 YouTube views within hours of its release. This single was influenced by their struggles in life, which they believe is applicable to many Africans in the diaspora. The Afrobeat single brings a new flavour to the Cameroon music industry, complimenting other types of musics like Makossa, Bikutsi etc. Although they love cameroon Makossa, they believe bringing something new will help others to appreciate different types of music. 

Watch out for the launch of their new album on the 7th of December. P-Brodaz has a surprise for its fans as they aim to please with a diverse range of music from afrobeat, sentimental,coupe decale and some other new beats.

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FabAfriq magazine had a chat with Dexzy about the event and he said

"It's going to be something new and innovative, nothing ordinary.We'd also be introducing many new flavours you might never have heard before. I'd like to use this opportunity to thank our fans for the support so far and that we have got your back so keep ours too. We are working so hard not to let you down when the album drops. For those we have not conquered yet we are working extra hard for you so please join the flow" Like the Fanpage on facebook

Do it your way video

Official launch of Do it your way album

Date: 7th of December 2012 

venue: Plum Orchard Conference Center, 
12210 Plum Orchard Drive, Silver Spring MD 20904

Time: from 9pm to 3am

Dress code: Dress to kill

Ticket: $25 pre-book and $30 at the gate. 


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