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Our Small Whimsical/Vintage Wedding

Don't we love weddings? At FabAfriq, we make it our responsibility to bring you the most romantic wedding stories and wedding tips. We picked the wedding story of Our very own FabAfriq Representatives: Palesa and Nathaniel.This beautiful couple decided to get married in style as  and they brought back some perfect memories of what a marriage should look like. They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful destination than Vintage London! Their big was packed with a lot of vibes, loved ones and onlookers. It was a day to remember and would go down in History. They made sure everything was perfectly wrapped up and kept the theme alive! they share their story and pictures with you all.

We two became one, we had a small whimsical / vintage wedding. My husband and I are both South Africans, we went to the same primary school in Soweto and as things worked out for us, we started dating in 2007.  

For our 1st of the 3 wedding celebrations to follow in South Africa, we wanted to stay true to who we are so went for a Sophiatown  theme (South African  Apartheid era)

For our invitations we choose vintage telegram cards, both our outfits were sourced from vintage shops in Bricklane London, the groom walk down the ail to Mmangwane by Judith Sephuma and the bride to Meet Me at the River by Mariam Makeba and we walk out of the church as Mr & Mrs to It's  Wedding day by Brenda  Fassie a song we sang when we played together as kids.

For our wedding breakfast guests had fish & chips in newspaper cones and retro soda, for desserts there was a candy bar and we were all served a soft serve ice cream.

Being true to ourselves we then matched down Oxford Street London singing and dancing as we would if we were in Soweto... Our reception was in Mayfair at Maze restaurant by chef Gordon Ramsay.

We wanted to share so pictures with fabAfriq readers, and to tell them that, you can stay true to yourself, and have an amazing wedding by doing the things you like most. 

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