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Passion for the Motherland

Award winning Congolese model, Lisette Mibo steps out of her field to produce “Passion for Motherland”. An event used as an instrument to not only bring together and showcase an eclectic mixture of live music, poetry and fashion but also fundraise a donation for a deserving charitable cause. Passion for Motherland is intended to take place annually to allow those in the fashion and entertainment industry to demonstrate their talents in affiliation with fundraising for different charities.
The launch and first event which took place Saturday 10th of August 2013, at the renowned Amnesty International in London. Fashion designers from different backgrounds and cultures gathered to showcase their diverse collections along with live music and poetry performances. 
Through auctions, donations, refreshment and ticket sales a generous percentage of what is made collected in the end will be given directly over to the chosen charity.
For this year, Passion for Motherland chose to raise money and awareness for the “Save the Congo” Charity with Lisette Mibo serving as their “Good-Will Ambassador”. The charity campaigns to tackle the four major problems that give rise to killings, raping, uprooting and abuses in Congo. These are the 4Is - Impunity; Insecurity; Illicit trade of minerals and Institutional failure. 

For more information on this charity, please visit www.savethecongo.org.uk 

This event aims to create a platform to bring like-minded individuals together to celebrate, network and discover new talents, burgeoning creativity in the fields of fashion, music and poetry. With the presences of numerous media representatives and respectable personals it was evident that the showcase successfully created a networking field and had left the guests with a positive and memorable experience. 

“The Passion For Motherland fundraising event was without a doubt a huge success” 
 - Kiyana Wraps, Designer.

“Apparently my collection blew the crowd away, a roaring success!” 
– Albert Martincich, Designer.

“I’m having a blast!” 
– Lola Ogunbadejo, OHTV representative. 

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Twitter: @PFMShowcase
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Email: passionformotherland@gmail.com

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