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Patcha Foundation Appoints New Global Ambassador AWU SING SONG


The Michael and Mauritia Patcha Foundation is pleased to announce its New Global ambassador, Awunganyi Etiendem Nkemasong known by stage name, Awu Sing Song. Awu is a Cameroonian singer, songwriter and guitarist based in Cameroon. As a Global Ambassador, he’s been charged with the duty of joining the foundation to fight its course, be in regular contact with the foundation team and willing to talk about the foundation’s activities publicly. He is also expected to help raise funds on behalf of the foundation, make an appearance at important events and recommend when possible initiatives that will help the foundation to grow.

As a Global Ambassador for the foundation, Awu will use his platform and network visibility to mobilize support for the foundation’s work, educate the public about cancer (it's risks and importance of prevention) as well as promote the foundation at different levels. He is a rising star and has identified a strong cause that he can relate to. Cancer is not new to Awu since it took away the life of his very close cousin. His passion to help raise awareness is key to ensure more families are armed and can take protective measures to prevent this from happening to them as well.

As a humanitarian gesture towards this cause and the foundation’s objectives, Awu is ready to represent the foundation at official meetings, events and fight the cause for a Zero% cancer World.  The Patcha Foundation is a globally recognized and award-winning non-profit organization whose mission is bridging the health care gap for African people globally with a focus on reducing the burden of cancer. Cancer is recognized by the WHO as one of the health crises facing 21st century Africa and if not tackled, head on the effects will be devastating. The foundation has been in existence since 2008 and Global ambassadors are a great part of the foundation’s cause.










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