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Christebelle Weds Paul- Designer's Wedding, To Share And To Love!

An unexpected beginning to an amazing ending. At my uncle’s funeral, I spotted a very fine sister with the most charming smile and a body to die for. She was tall and slender, I automatically referred to her as a ManyuQueen-Meaning model from Manyu-Southwset oi Cameroon.

I notched Etchu,(My brother and the best man to our wedding) I guess to check if I was ok to move on and asked if he wanted to make a move. Looking uncertain, he said was she was very tall and since we are short it was out of his range. I smiled inwardly, knowing the coast was clear for me to wear my magical hat. I stared at her openly, I could not my hide the admiration in my eyes and my elder sister, with whom we were at the funeral asked if I had come to condole with my cousin Sarah (who lost the dad) or if I were out fishing. 

Although my cousin was mourning, I did not want to let this opportunity slip by. So I told her my intentions and she decided to make it easier for me (Bless her). Her initial step was to convince Christebelle to come to Buea with us. I had no plans of travelling to Buea, but hey...there was a fish out there and I needed that particular fish. First step was to go clubbing as soon as we hit town and imagine my heartbeat when she popped out dressed to kill! At this point, I pinched myself, was I dreaming, or was I really on a date with ManyuQueen?

We drove to the club at a break neck speed and had a truly lovely time. Our first issue was when we had to dance to the slow tune (Zouk love), I had to be on tiptoe for such a long time I thought I was going to sprain my toes! Men this sister is tall, on heels she is almost 2 meters... you know how tall I am, but who says height matters? It was indeed an amazing night and we switched to phone calls and text massaging on a regular base after that.

Our next meeting was explosive; this is not your classical case of "braining" and dating. It was a designer’s dream, every stitch fits and we were ready to wear it.

I was so Attracted to her-
Her smile can be referred to as a painkiller. She's got that smile that lights a room. I proposed to her because I felt I had to take her off the market quickly since I could sense some wolves circling. Just kidding! It was the right moment and time for me to settle down with a woman i truly respect and cherish. Since I had found my soul mate and partner in crime why waste time on the obvious? 

I decided to marry her, so I proposed-A very funny proposal-
I did a total project planning with regards to how I’d propose and ran through many scenarios. Was I to go down on one knee, get a band to play some music while I said the magic words or put the ring in a glass of champagne and ask her to drink with care least she swallows the ring? Well when the proposal finally came it was none of those. It was simply different and just happened to be the best part of our story so far.
I took her out on a romantic date in a restaurant a few miles from our residence. We settled down to the usual chit chat wined and dined. While in South Africa before I went to the best diamond dealers and got a befitting ring for my queen. Knowing how organised she is and how much she loves goodies, I made sure the ring was kept safely in my work bag (That’s the only place she’d not search for SA goodies)

Then we started the discussion on marriage and she asked when I will finally propose. My responded was that since the previous diamond ring I gave her was stolen I will pronounce some magical incantations for a better ring this time around. Little did she know that before we went to the restaurant I had reserved a premium and VIP seat for us.

I am a joke cracker and she knows this. When I started searching my back pack and chanting some magical words, with the hope of conjuring a new diamond for her she couldn’t stop laughing. My endless search made her laugh so hard and she asked me to stop joking around and discuss about the proposal. I told her I was serious with my magic. Said some more fake magic words and presto a ring appeared on my palm.
 When I open my hand, she was stunned and I could see the surprise in her eyes. With a serious face, heart racing and a diamond ring I asked the magic question Christebelle, will you be my one and only? 
Dumbfounded, teary eyes and shivering lips, she said YES!

E viola! We got Married-
Wedding date: 28 December 2013
Church Venue: Holy Family Parish New Town Limbe
Reception Venue: Holiday Inn Resort Limbe
Special thanks to our family and friends who made this an amazing day.

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