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4 Tips For A Perkier Breast.

what can i do to prevent my breast from sagging? This is a question most women ask.some even go as far as doing a plastic surgery.

Here are some tips to help keep your breast perky;

Wearing The Right Breast Ware

Wearing a bra that is too loose  can make your breast appear saggier than they are,it even makes your breast to sag faster. It is advisable for you to wear bras that have strong elastics.Replace the ones that are weak to help hold your breast firm all the times.

Stop Smoking
Smoking in some way leads to wrinkles and deterioration of breast skin. it might not show its effects in the short run but  will definitely show its marks as you grow older.it is possible to see if a woman smokes just by looking at the nature of her breast. 

Try To Maintain Your Body Weight
Fat in the breast is found in a layer of padding just under the skin. It tends to fluctuate in thickness as you gain and loss weight.when this layer thickens and thins out due to weight gain and loss,the skin stretches leading to a saggier chest.The best way to avoid this is by maintaining your body weight.

Sports can be very effective too in making your breast perkier,do push ups everyday,chest fly's,Chest Strengthening,swimming and jogging but careful with jogging because your breast might be bouncing while you run so its advisable to wear tight fitting bras to avoid these jumps. 

Some people still use creams and pills to make their breasts perkier but all these are not always effective except you want to go for  a plastic surgery..

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