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Afroshic on our runway

What inspired you to start your own fashion label?
I loved fashion from an early age and admired the way the women in our family always took pleasure in looking chic. They played with colours and created something unique each time they dressed up. When I became older, I became even more engaged in admiring people who dress up and wanted to learn the art of designing fashionable wears. Although it was not easy for me, I took pride in learning from every angle and making dresses with every fabric I laid hands on. 
Have you had any formal training in designing?
No I have not, but my passion for fashion, pushes me to be creative and I also learn from more successful designers around the world.
How did you come up with the name Afroshic?
I pondered on the name of my label for quite a while, and consulted my friend EFON YVONNE for a name that do not only represent me, but Africa as well. Afro fitted in with my African concept and the S in Shic says it all (SEXY,SASSY,AND SENSATIONAL.)
Is your design made to order?
Our designs can be ordered any time, although we are have a different strategy planned from our next collection.
Tell us about the fabric you use most!
I use fabrics like ANKARA, SHEAFON, SATIN, AFFETA, WOODEN LACE ETC, it is just the way we play with them.
Any dreams?
My biggest dream is to see AFROSHIC CLOTHING being worn by millions, also planning on starting my home shopping and working on my GLOW 2012 collection.
Thanks very much for this chat Afroshic, and it was lovely to showcase your amazing designs at our print launch!

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