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"Le Salon du Mariage de Douala", Second Edition 2015

" Now and forever"! These three words constitute the usual credo pronounced by the groom and the bride when taking their vows during their wedding day. Preparing for that day takes a lot of imagination and organization to make it successful. That is why “Le Salon du Mariage” organized  the second edition of this event to help future married couples to plan and organize their wedding.

 Le Salon du marriage is a platform which is mainly concerned with wedding and all the various domains related to it. It came up from the fact that many people had difficulties in planning, organizing and finally making a successful wedding. Therefore, focusing on all the aspects of a wedding before, during and after, the event in its entity is:

- An opportunity for couples who wish to make their marriage successful,
- A provision for necessary advices to couples on the organization of their wedding
- A proposition of  wedding and event service providers (cartering, photographers, makeup artists, wedding planners, etc)
- Business collaboration among wedding service providers

- Discovery of wedding and event enterprises and companies, and their various services

 The second edition of Le Salon du Mariage held on the 7th and 8th February at Hotel Beauséjour Mirabel Akwa, Douala. This was a great experience and opportunity for people who are engaged and about to get married as many activities focusing on marriage were carried out. The event started with a workshop on the different types of marriage contracts and their components presented by Lawyer DACLEU. Lawyer Leslie DACLEU defined Marriage its entity and also discussed the issue of divorce and sharing of property according to different situations of discord. This workshop was followed by another one on the preparation of marriage by Emmanuel Justin LINGOM and Roger FONDI, all marriage councelors. They discussed the important elements that could help to live happily in a marriage and also encourage couples to communicate better as they proposed approaches, methods and solutions for the later.


This was also an opportunity for participants to discover the profession of Wedding and event planner. A wedding planner company, “Les Moments Enchantés”, held a discussion on the role of a wedding planner and proposed interesting and great ideas for the success of a wedding. For the occasion, various bridal shops and event organizers were exhibiting their products and services. Bridal shop displayed beautiful wedding outfits for women, men and children, and accessories to match with those. Event organizers showcased various decorative items according to different events (marriage, graduation, birthday, etc). Makeup artists were also present and they had makeup sessions for participants who wanted to have a glimpse of what it takes to look different after making up. 


 Among the various activities of the event, there was a fashion parade where models walked up with wedding outfits and attires. Bakers and wineries proposed a tasting session to participants. Hairdressers also called some participants to get their hair done freely.  Participants also took part in a draw. Many prices were awarded among which a weekend to Seme Beach, Limbe, a Trip in Ivory Coast, a Valentines dinner at Beauséjour Hotel open restaurant and more.


This edition gathered many service providers from Cameroon and out of Cameroon, creating a space for business collaboration, discovery, and sales exhibition. A great opportunity to discover Cameroonian talent and creativity in the domain of wedding and event planning, but also, and awareness of the existence of the latest and a call for local consumption.

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