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Rama Vliss (Cameroons beauty queen) Shares Her Experience with Camerbloggers


 After representing Cameroon for the first time at the Face of the Globe beauty pageant in London and Disney Land Paris, Ramatou Endeley came back to her home country to share the amazing experience.
Rama is a 21-year old marketing student at the Buckingham University who has always had a soft spot for modelling. While growing up with her parents in Cameroon, Rama had the opportunity to travel to several countries in the world, expanding her knowledge on the diverse cultures in Africa.

Her exploits finally landed her at the Face of the Globe Beauty pageant and the beauty queen took out time last Thursday January 10 2017 to hang out with the camerbloggers, sharing her experience. It was an interactive hangout where she told them her story, her passion in modelling, how she got to Face of the Globe, what she has been up to since she came back to the country, and how she intends to grow her career in modelling!
“While in Cameroon, I have been to Wututu, an orphanage in Limbe where I had to play and teach the kids. I had an amazing photo shoot session with Alain.My interview with Charlie Tene from ABK TV on “Leader de la Semain” was one of my best interviews so far and am set to share to my story with other Cameroonian young girls who share my dream of becoming a top model. At the moment I want to concentrate on my studies while pursuing my dream and I pray that someday I will be a reference to others”

When asked her opinion on posing nude for designers, Rama simply said it’s a NO option for me!
“As a Christian I know where I come from and there, we have values which we cannot compromise for money or anything else. The fact that I will not want to pose nude for a designer doesn’t mean I condemn those who do it. We all have our values and posing nude is simply not part of mine.”

Rama told the bloggers her spot for charity and how she intends to help children when she must have finished her studies. The bloggers on their part did not simply play the role of listeners as the beauty queen narrated her adventures and aspirations; they all had an advice or two to give her. Valery Njiaba from Njoka TV and Anriete Tatcher were moved by Rama’s wish to help children but advised her on redirecting her charity to either street children or prisoners. Their point was that orphans may need food and clothing but there are people out there who need more help. Moreover, many people have been directing their charity towards children so she could take another dimension, hence stand out
This interaction with Camerbloggers was a memorable one for Rama with lots of lessons learnt. It was far different from the usual corporate hangouts. It was more of a chit chat amongst friends. Aside all advice given her on charity objectives, the bloggers went as far as giving her tips on choosing and keeping the right entourage (Friends and spouse).


With everything Rama has achieved so far, it safe to say that she is ready to debut a modelling career. She needs all the support she could get from her country and friends.


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