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Ratu International Festival Press Conference, a Kick Start for the Cameroonian Culture and Talents

Having launched it activities online through various social media and other renowned online media, the Ratu International Festival held its Press Conference yesterday at Star Land Hotel, Bonapriso Douala. The whole concept and idea has been in the “oven” for two years and now has come to light with the implementation phase.


H.E Roger MILLA and Ratu Erma Olierhoek, Founder of Ratu International Festival.  

The Ratu International Press Conference was marked by the presence of his Excellency Roger Milla, and Stella Adamu Patcha, President of Patcha Foundation USA, both ambassadors of the Ratu Festival. Along side, high profile personalities Mrs. Nino Wawan and Mrs. Bano Kusuma representing Indonesia for both West and Central Africa, and team members of the event, Mrs Erma OlierHoek, Founder of Ratu International Festival, Adeline Sede Kamga, CEO of FabAfriq Magazine and Ratu member in charge of marketing, communication and project management, Chantal Edie, maritime specialist and Ratu member in charge of logistics and photography, Agbor Gilbert, President of Cameroon Film Industry and Ratu member in charge of movie and music department.
Ratu Erma Olierhoek, Mr. Nino Wawan Setiawan, Director of Indonesian Trade Promotion Center under Indonesian Embassy and Mr. Bona Kusuma, Vice Director of Indonesian Trade Promotion Center under Indonesian Embassy.
After introducing the guests and members on the high table, a presentation of the festival was done by the marketing and communication project manager Adeline Sede Kamga. Ratu Erma Olierhoek carried on with the presentation of the fashion section, giving criteria for the selection of fashion designers. She threw more light on the creativity, uniqueness and innovative trends of the fashion designs to be showcased, and insisted on the usage of African fabrics in the process. The music and movie sections were handled by Chantal Edie and Agbor Gilbert. Actually Cameroon has a lot of potentials and talents. So far as entertainment is concerned, the Ratu festival will be a platform for the starters in these sections to showcase their creativity and their ingenuity. 

Adeline Sede Kamga, CEO FabAfriq Magazine 
It will be an opportunity to bring movie makers and musicians closer to promoters and producers as well as telecommunication media (Jara TV Show, 53 Extra, Trace, Africa Magic etc.), so as to bridge the gap and make them known. Artists should have music or movie to be presented. Evaluation for all the three sections will be carried out by a transparent and non-biased jury giving room for excellency and meritocracy.

Agbor Gilbert and Chantal Edie
The audience and participants at the conference however raised preoccupation whereas why was Cameroon a choice for such a venture, the frequency of the festival, the transparency during evaluation of participants, and the economic impact of the festival for Cameroonians. The founder of the festival expressed her love for Cameroon which has cultural similarities with her country of origin, Indonesia. Giving back to the community by promoting, educating and celebrating these talents which is another way of creating job opportunities for youths, attracting high profile business managers and dignitaries from Indonesia and other parts of the world, creating room for exchange and networking as well as setting the tone for tourism and cultural discovery. The Festival is at its first edition and will be held every three years. So far as participation to the festival is concerned, submissions will be done on the festival’s website.

This great event is centered on celebrating educating and promoting talents in fashion, movie and music. Booting these talents is an act of love from Ratu Erma Olierhoek and it is also a way of strengthening the relationship between Cameroon and Indonesia. We greatly await the 29th, 30th, and 31st of October 2015 in Douala, three days within which we will celebrate and see what Cameroonians have to offer in terms of culture. 

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