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The eldest daughter in a family of 10 children, Clara Alexander grew up with the usual bombardment of statements indicating she would never amount to much. Clara was determined to defy this prediction and spent most of her young adulthood striving to make it within the corporate world.
Her journey was fraught with many challenges and she had to work harder than most to achieve her goals. Her determination and the belief that ‘you can do anything you want as long as you believe’ has undoubtedly made her the woman she is today.

After obtaining a BSc (Hon) Degree in Accounting and Information systems from Leeds University, Clara was fortunate to spend a year at the House of Commons as a research assistant. Later on she secured a trainee IT consultant position at IBM, a male dominated environment, where Clara was determined to and worked hard to prove her worth. At the end of her time at IBM, Clara set up her own consultancy firm and became co-director of an entertainment management company. 

In 2005, Clara rejoined the cooperate world where her career went from strength to strength with roles ranging from Project Management to Business Leadership. Her role as the head of an International Audit department Clara was able to broaden her horizons and discover the world. 
Although a successful executive woman, Clara remained determined to own a successful company which focused on the empowerment of women. She believes every woman has the potential to be successful in what they do and was keen to prove this.
In 2007, Real Hair by Clara - a luxury brand of hair enhancements and hair care products - was born. Calling her business ‘Real Hair…’ took some deliberation as Clara wanted to ensure that the name of the company reflected its ethos - to educate women about an aspect of beauty that is very much misunderstood. Her dream was to build a truly inspirational business which would enable women from all backgrounds to earn a living providing something every woman wants, which is great hair. Clara believes that real beauty radiates from within. If a woman feels beautiful, that goes a long way to boosting morale and confidence. This belief drives Clara and has seen her build the business around the premise of consultants who become empowered to grow into successful business women.

Real Hair by Clara operates via a great network of consultants who can be anyone wanting to earn money by simply referring products to others. “It is a truly revolutionary concept,” explains Clara and currently, Real Hair by Clara has expanded to a network of consultants earning over £500 a month just by wearing Real Hair by Clara enhancements.
“At Real Hair by Clara, we offer true value for money. This year we introduced our everyday woman range. This is our most affordable range which gives women access to luxury hair extensions at a very reasonable price. The most important thing is that we have not cut corners to do this. We have been very strategic in our approach and our unique distribution model allows us to cut out the middle men whilst providing a quality luxury brand to our customers. This is what sets us apart from our competition and allows us to retain and grow our customer base.”We work primarily by word of mouth recommendations and this is the best form of advertising one can get,” says Clara.
Clara certainly believes that all dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them - and this is definitely true for Real Hair by Clara.

How to join our Network 
There are numerous ways to join our network. 
The simplest way is to become a member. As a member you can purchase products directly for yourself and you will have access to our on line sale events. 
Members who regularly spend with us are invited to become a preferred customer, which gives all the perks of a member as well as discounts on all purchases made. 
Finally, if you love hair and are looking for some extra income or sideline business, Real Hair by Clara has the perfect solution. 

How it works 
Earning with Real Hair by Clara is simple. Our robust model is based on what you do on a daily basis when you purchase products you like. 
It consists of 3 easy steps 
1. You simply SWAP hair products from current supplier to Real Hair by Clara. 
2. REFER the products to others just because you love them. 
3. Once someone you have referred purchases from Real Hair by Clara You EARN Money. 
The reality is, your earnings are uncapped. There are no limits to your potential and you are supported by a great network of like minded women. 
Not only do you earn money with Real Hair by Clara, you are also rewarded with fabulous gifts, products and lifestyle incentives for your efforts. 
We conduct business opportunity events throughout the UK. Contact us to find out when the next event in your area is. 

Below are some of the products we offer!

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