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Recipe-Bitter Leaf Soup

To serve 4


Bitter-leaf (2 handfuls, chopped)
5 Cocoyams (cut into about 15 pieces)
Ogiri - fermented melon seeds (2 wraps)
3 tbsp of palm oil
Dried cod (stock fish)
1 cup of Cray fish (ground)
Scotch bonnet to taste
1 cup of Palm-nuts
2 stock cubes (maggi crayfish)
2 onions
Salt to taste


Wash the chopped bitter leaf to extract the bitterness in the leaf.
Parboil the cocoyam and the palm nuts to soften.
Separate and mash the cocoyam until smooth. Add the palm oil and mix until smooth.
Wash and extract the palm nut butter from the palm nut with about 3cups of water.
Wash and season the meat and stock fish with salt, stock cubes, onions and pepper.
Boil for 10mins the remove from heat.
Add the extracted palm nut juice and the cocoyam paste into your cooking pot and cook for 15mins.
Add the meat and stock to the boiling palm nut extract and cook for a further 15mins.
Add the bitter leaf to you boiling soup.
Add the ground crayfish, pepper and ogiri.
Add the dried fish, magi and salt to taste and cook for 10mins (the cocoyam paste should no longer be noticeable)
Serve with Pounded yam, Fufu, Eba, semolina or starch (corn extract).

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