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Rikaoto by Me, Rois & Reine to Showcase at AFWN 2016

Rikaoto by Me

Rikaoto by Me is the proudly Nigerian, proudly African brand owned by stupendously gorgeous, ex-beauty queen from Kebbi State by name, Mariam Elisha. The former Miss Valentine 2007, had always been fascinated by fashion and style since she was a precocious little girl growing up. As a little girl growing up, her dolls were always wearing the most colorful outfits around as she always always wanted to make them stand out. 

What began as a fascination then, later blossomed into a passion while she was at the University of Lagos, where she studied English Language. The need to always stand out, further pushed her to continue with her passion, making clothes for herself and a few friends. It was while at school that she participated in and won the pageant- Miss Valentine. Winning the beauty contest further pushed her into the limelight and by extension her craft. During her reign she always needed to represent herself and the brand well, so she always made sure to make stand out outfits for herself which got loads and loads of commendations. So not only was she beautiful, she was also skillful to back it up. It was then a good combination of beauty and brain.

The brand's design ethos is based on the belief in clean lines and unapologetic femininity. "We believe that the female form is a work of art-beautiful and structured that must be well accentuated". A good designer would help hide the wearer's multitude of sins, and at the same time help show off the wearer's best features. "We work using the best of fabrics and materials to create wearable works of art".

Rois & Reine 

Rois & Reine is a clothing company specialized in all kinds of men's wear ranging from corporate, corporate trads, traditional wears, smart casuals, urban and high street, we also do bespoke tailoring.
Our vision is to be a world class fashion company that uses trending innovative ideas with an African appeal to create our customers desires.
Our designs are simple yet classy, we pay attention to details clean cut to near perfection with excellent fitting on the client. We infuse western influences on our pieces that gives them the overall professional finishing but comes out with an African appeal, our aim is to create an afropolitan man. We sometimes get inspired by the old safari suits and northern kaftan and make them trendier. A well tailored outfit from us must consist of the 3 Fs: "Finesse, Fitting and Functionality"

Our clientele ranges from successful business mogul, bank executives, high net worth individuals, professional, spiritual leaders,corporate institutions and most recently celebrities. In summary Our Clothes are made for men that would want their style to speak the language onlooker would understand. Simple with sense and style.

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria a social enterprise that provides a platform to help promote Nigerian and brands through worldwide visibility and distribution and manufacturing. Focusing on empowerment, creating jobs and supporting education and skills training in fashion.

Participate to the biggest catwalk show for emerging designers in Nigeria, the annual Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, a unique platform that celebrates the best of Africa, showcasing her creativity and colours to the world, bringing about positive vibes of all that’s wonderful and beautiful and stylish and creative.

Date 1st-3rd July 2016.
Venue -The Eko Hotel & Suites.



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