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​The 2nd Edition of FestiRock Sets the Tone for a Rock Movement Rise in Cameroon

In 2015, Cameroon has witnessed the first edition of a brand new event called Festirock, organized by Associations Festiyouth (youth made for you sake) and Another light, both Cameroonian associations aiming at promoting Rock culture in Cameroon.

Suzy Laayine (Founder of the Another Light), declares the following: “Rock music is not well known in our Country. Our movement faces many challenges. The first edition of Festirock was the stepping stone of many other projects we wish to accomplish in the future. We want to liberate our public from the bad image people have of rock movement. Although we could do better, it was a good beginning.”

Suzy Laayine , Founder of the Another Light

The second edition of Festirock will take place on February 11th 2016, at Cabaret Picasso Deido (Douala). Festiyouth works in collaboration with other movements (Hip hop and Reggae …), reason why this second edition will also promote hip hop, Afrogospel and Rnb artists. Among partners we have Fabafriq , a quaterly magazine and an Afro style platform focusing around the promotion and the celebration of African culture.“Most at times in the beginnings, very few people believe in you. We are very grateful for Fabafriq's support and we hope our ties and bonds get stronger in the future”, says Arthur Himins, Founder of Festiyouth.

Arthur and Adeline
Festiyouth aims at creating platforms for youth to express their talents. Although they are starting with Music, there are plans to promote rock through other means especially fashion, for every movement has its own dressing style. Shabar Menchou, a picture model of Another Light, says the following concerning Rock fashion: “I like Rock Fashion because it claims its opposition to conformity, liberating the body and the mind. One has to be free to be himself and have his own tastes even if they are different from what majority likes. I am unique and I don’t like looking like other people.”
In the meantime, come massively to discover and celebrate this rising movement at Cabaret Picasso on February 11th, during the Youth Week. Festiyouth, youth made for youth sake.


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