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Enjoy Marital Bliss Tips With SHH

Minister Mrs Bridget Tabe, Founder  and Director of SHH  and our guest Keynote Speakers

An evening with the team  of  Secret to a Happy Home will enlighten you on some of the issues that need discussing in a relationship. It is an opportunity to meet professionals who can inspire and help to make your relationship work, or who can help to take your marriage to another level. It is also an evening where singles can mingle and gain valuable information about how to manage a relationship.

We have chosen the Valentine's day weekend to help foster your relationship. Guys are advised to bring a rose for their love ones. It is all about romance and how we share the love we share! We also have on board amazing Keynote speakers. You'd be moved by this session and we promise you a turn for the better in your relationship.

Sometimes, relationship issues can be scary things to face, it's time to face those demons and blow away the cobwebs with our seminar to make relationships less frightening.  This seminar will help you to overcome  feelings doubts, stress and direct you towards a positive outcome.

Our last seminar was a big success. As many people join our network and share the words, we create a strong team of people  who come together to help and support each other throughout their relationship journey. Below are some sample pictures from our last session. More pictures and videos would be on our website coming real soon. You can also book a one to one session with any of our keynote speaker. Join the facebook page and spread the word. For more information, call 07846922423|07446002819. 

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