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ShebaMiles Partnerships, a Source of Revenue and Cause for Customer Retention

Currently ShebaMiles have partnership agreement with more than 27 service giving entities like Hotels, restaurants, Shopping Centers, Car Rentals, Gym and others in which we have observed a positive impact in terms of Revenue, customer retention and making the ShebaMiles program more attractive.
The number of our members increasing day by day and most of them out of Ethiopia, called our attention to broaden the partnership program outside of Ethiopia so as to let our members enjoy the program benefits and give varied opportunity to earn Miles in their own Country and worldwide. With this, we realize how it is important to look for Partners and develop the partnership program in Cameroon.
Being a partner for ShebaMiles can be very benefic for your station and what is expected of you.
- Partnership benefit to the Partner

  • ShebaMiles will give the partner access to Ethiopian Airlines’ customers with high purchasing power and decision makers ranging from their local area to the rest of the world.
  • The partner will have an opportunity to identify, recognize and reward their high valued customers and also attract new clients.
  •   The partner will be able to promote, sell and market their product or service through our plat forms such as website, newsletters, message broadcasts, etc… to members at a lower cost.
  • The partner can retain its existing Customers by giving Mile.
  • And so much more ……   
- Partnership benefit
  •   You can retain its ShebaMiles members by providing different option to Accrue Miles even without flying
  • You can attract new clients by making the program more attractive
  • You can meet anual target of bringing new ShebaMiles members
  •   It will have an indirect impact on revenue forwhile retaining and attracting new Customers
  •   Above all, it will have a direct impact on Customer Satisfaction
- What is expected of you
  •   First identify potential partners – credit card companies, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, car rentals, etc, where you think our members spend or could spend.
  • In case the potential partner is beyond your immediate reach or is an international brand, you could send us the contact detail of the person (s), mailing address, e-mail, telephone number and fax, and we’ll take it up from there.
  • We will handle the negotiation of mile pricing and conclusion of contract once a potential partner is identified and approached for their consent.  
Therefore, let us have your feedback on the Partnership and we hope we will make the program more attractive and a choice by Customers.

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