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Connect with other professionals and youth at Solar Bar

Enjoy a an informal networking event in a relaxed social atmosphere at the Solar Venue, 2 Linton Road, Barking, London IG11 8HG, on Saturday 20th August 2011, starting 4pm. This event will bring together Cameroon and other African professionals (young, established or aspiring), businesses, community groups and individuals,  into a bonanza of empowering informal information exchange within an atmosphere of relaxed dining, music, live and club entertainment.

Round-table discussion themes to include:
1) Education -Secondary- University (Share tips for students, parents and teachers)
2) Professional Consultancy - Learn about Consultancy Opportunities 
3) Professional development/Careers advise - Find out what is happening in the various professions?
4) Employment, Mentoring, work experience... Arm yourself to succeed in a difficult climate. Work experience offers..
5) Business -Share tips on staying ahead of the game
6) Property -  Share tips on finance, management, letting and more
7) Law and Legal assistance for Diasporan communities - Talk to Legal experts about legal services
8) Health and Diet - Find out about the health risks we are exposed to and how to manage them
9) Beauty and Fashion - Find out how to stay young and beautiful  the natural way
10) Culture, Heritage and Society  (Events, Safety, Religion, Politics, ...) - Join the debates on all the hot topics around - Dual nationality, voting rights, Good parenting and much more ...

11) Youth Engagement session -a melange of Entertainment and Refreshment with Education, Careers and Employment advise for the younger generation. Sponsorship for refreshments provided  for 17 to 21year olds

To confirm your attendance and register your interest in one or more of the Networking themes, or request the usde of of one of the limited number of publicity slots please send a short email to networking@fancom.net  or SMS to +447983 725 855.

More info at: www.solar-entertainment.co.uk

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